A Confession of Faith, Refreshed Edition

Providence Press, in collaboration with B&R Press, is pleased to announce the release of A Confession of Faith, Refreshed Edition which preserves the historical heritage of the original 1677 text and formatting contained in A Confession of Faith, Facsimile Edition, edited by Dr. Mike Renihan.

Confession, Parchment, 2 Hardbacks 3D.png

Why Refresh?

What is commonly known as the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith, or simply the1689,” has become the doctrinal standard for most of those Christians who denominate themselves with the term Reformed Baptist.  Its importance as a Systematic Theology cannot be understated.

Many subtle changes have been made to the language of this Confession in the years since it was introduced.  The Confession of Faith, Facsimile Edition is the oldest known edition of the original text printed in 1677, and helped to put those subtleties in historical and theological perspective as it has not be altered since the original printing. This text was preserved and returned to circulation in 2000 via a series of microfiched images of the document. However, a significant impediment remained its use of what is now known as Old English.

Refresh Philosophy

The scope of this Old English refresh of the 1677 text is not to “modernize” the English into current vernacular, but instead the scope has been purposefully limited to archaic spelling, verbal endings (-eth, -th), a personal pronoun (ye), removal of spacing before semi-colons, colons, and question marks, and the use of apostrophes in the possessive case (Gods). This volume is an intentionally guarded effort employing both deference and reserve.

Available Formats

A Confession of Faith, Refreshed Edition is now available for free in PDF and EPUB formats for use with all mobile and desktop devices, and a linen hardback with Dust Jacket is available at the minimum cost of manufacturing.

The Confession is being printed in the United States and is available for hardcover sale in the US, Canada, UK, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Australia, and Switzerland. We are already expanding this availability to subsequently enable world-wide sale, printing, and distribution through 39,000+ bookstores, online retailers, libraries, and schools.

Continued Preservation

The U.S. Library of Congress has accepted A Confession of Faith, Refreshed Edition for Publication Catalog incorporation and formal preservation.